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City Government calls for prudent use of the bicycle sharing system

Tartu City Government Press Release

14 June / Tartu City Government calls on residents of Tartu to be more prudent when using bicycles that are part of the bicycle sharing system and to report any incidents of inappropriate use.

There have been several instances where bicycles have been vandalised, ridden by multiple riders at the same time, and used to attempt various tricks. The result is dozens of bicycles having been damaged. Which is why the City Government is admonishing city residents to remember that the bicycles belong to us all and are something that the residents of Tartu could enjoy for a long time to come.

The City Government is asking that incidents involving vandalism and careless handling be reported. Please send notices to the e-mail address info@ratas.tartu.ee. If possible, please note the bicycle number, the time and location, and take a photo of the vandals. The vandals may be subject to a claim for compensation of damage in the maximum amount of EUR 2500, along with a loss of access to the bicycle sharing system. Proceedings are already being conducted in the first instances of exploitative abuse.

The City Government also requests that attention be paid when securing bicycles using the secondary lock. If the bicycle is being locked using the secondary lock, then be sure to weave the secondary lock through the spokes on the front wheel and place the end in the socket located on the right-hand side, only then will the bike be properly secured and vandals unable to use it. The secondary lock is used in two instances: if the docking stations are full at the end of your ride or while making an intermediate stop outside of the docking stations (usage time will not end). It is important to keep track of the messages on the screen. In the virtual area located near the docking station the screen must display the message ‘Bike Docked’, if this message does not appear, then the ride has not ended and the usage time will continue.

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The City Government asks that you refrain from completely draining batteries. If the battery has less than an hour remaining, then you should allow the bike to continue charging. If the battery is completely drained while riding and the temporary lock is applied, then the user will not be able to open it, although their usage time will continue.

We ask that users of the bicycle system follow the traffic laws and ride in designated areas (cycle tracks, pavements or carriageways marked as cycle and pedestrian track), and take into consideration their fellow road users. In accordance with the Traffic Act, a rider that is under 16 years of age is required to wear a helmet. At the same time we recommend that all riders wear a helmet in the interests of safety. No one under the age of 14 is permitted to use the bicycle system.

Information telephone 5305-5000, hours of operation Mon-Fri from 7-20 and Sat-Sun from 11-19; information can also be sent to the e-mail address info@ratas.tartu.ee. Due to the high volume of callers and e-mailers to the information line, we recommend that in the case of less urgent problems you first review the FAQ located on the City of Tartu homepage: www.tartu.ee/rattaringlus

Last changed 14.06.2019