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Smart Bike Share stations to remain closed at night and the application of late fees set to begin

Tartu City Government Press Release

Rattad Foto: Kiur Kaasik

18 June / Smart Bike Share stations will continue to remain closed each night from 01.00–05.00, thus allowing the batteries of bicycles in active use time to properly charge. The application of late fees will also begin.

Starting on 20 June, the City Government will begin to systematically apply late fees of EUR 80.


A late fee will be applied if the bicycle has been in use for more than 5 consecutive hours. The following situations may also result in a late fee:

  • The user has ignored the ‘Low Battery’ warning on the screen and has drained the battery completely, which means that it is not possible to end the ride.

  • The bicycle has not been properly secured (see instructions for applying the secondary lock) and it is possible for someone else to go for a ride with the same bicycle.


Each rider is responsible for making sure that the bicycle has been properly placed in the dock and the ride has ended (the notice ‘Bicycle Docked’ will appear on the screen). If a situation should arise in which it is not possible to complete a ride due to a serious technical failure, then Smart Bike Share user support must be informed about it. If this has not been done, the last user will be held responsible.


In the event of the improper use of bicycles (multiple riders, performing of tricks, etc.) the City Government may block the user's account. The first accounts have already been blocked and a large number of warnings have been sent. The City Government will begin to submit claims for compensation of damage to bicycles which may reach up to EUR 2500.


This week, stickers bearing the bicycle’s number will be affixed to the sides of bicycles, so that city residents can help to put a stop to the improper use of bicycles. The City Government is asking that incidents involving the destruction of bicycles and found bicycles be reported to the address info@ratas.tartu.ee. If possible, record the bicycle number, time and location, and take a photo.


The City Government has also begun cooperating with patrols from the security company G4S, who will provide information on incidents involving the improper use of bicycles from the Smart Bike Share system.


User support has also been informed of the fact that the Smart Bike Share system’s mobile app doesn’t always display the correct information about the number of bicycles at bike stations. This is due in large part to the heavy load on the Smart Bike Share system, with the app being unable to update information on bicycles fast enough. If bicycle batteries are drained completely, they will no longer begin to charge in the dock and will require the assistance of a technician, although the app will continue to show the bicycle as being present in the dock until the technicians register it as being located in the workshop.


It is recommended that users also use the app refresh button (in the upper right-hand corner of the IOS app, under additional options in Android), to see the most recent status of bike stations.


The City Government asks that attention be paid to locking bicycles with the secondary lock. If the bicycle is locked using the secondary lock, then be sure to place the secondary lock through the spokes on the front wheel and place then end in the socket located on the right-hand side, only then will the bike be properly secured and vandals will be unable to use it.


Since it began operating on 8 June, nearly 120,000 trips have been taken and 340,000 kilometres covered within the Tartu Smart Bike Share system. An average of 10,000 trips are taken each day within the Tartu Smart Bike Share system.


Tartu Smart Bike Share user support: telephone 5305-5000 (Mon–Fri from 7–20, and Sat–Sun from 11–19) and info@ratas.tartu.ee.



Last changed 20.06.2019