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The cosiest indoor Christmas fair in Tartu takes place at the Estonian National Museum

Estonian National Museum

Christmas fair

12 December / As the saying goes, buying a horse from a fair and finding a Christmas tree from the forest is a difficult job.

Nevertheless, we task ourselves with this challenge every December, because the aspiration to beauty and the wish to give conquer all difficulties.

The big indoor Christmas fair of ENM /Estonian National Museum) on December 15 is the cosiest in Tartu, and entrance is free of charge. Therefore, this is the best place to do your Christmas shopping if you do not like to take your gloves off in the freezing winter to count the bills or if you do not like snow blowing in your eyes while exploring the goods. In addition, the merchants’ eyes shine with happiness and the conversation is more fluent as well in a warm room.

Not all of this year’s more than 150 merchants will fit even in our big house and the visitors will find some activities and refreshments in front of the building, too. The very top of the Estonian arts and food masters is represented at the fair – one can find handicrafts and flavours that supermarkets simply do not have. Ever and again, visitors may find familiar, authentic and fair trade products combined with a twist of new and unprecedented goods. Who is looking for something special will definitely find it at ENM’s Christmas fair.

Also the music programme is rich, bringing young super star Uudo Sepp, accordionist Julius Koppel and Tartu Students’ Choir on the stage. Madis Ligi leads the programme. Children can ride ponies in the outdoors or make a bone buzzer in the lobby; parents may recall our ancestors’ skills at the jelly meat seminar.

Tartu stray animal shelter and Estonian Genome centre are also represented at the fair.

Moreover, what is most important – everybody who wishes to compare the contemporary fair life with the one of hundred years ago can do it at ENM’s permanent exhibition. On the day of the fair, the entrance to the exhibitions is with a 50% discount.

Welcome – no one will leave ENM empty handed!

Last changed 28.12.2018