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Course on Estonian culture „Live the Lives of Estonians“ begins in January

Estonian National Museum

Eesti Rahva Muuseum

5 January / Estonian National Museum (ENM) offers a great chance to participate in a free Estonian culture course. The course is primarly meant for the adults who are born in Estonia, have lived here for a longer time, or have just recently arrived. The activities will take place in groups with support language (English).

The course consists of five training days and a guided city tour. The course contains interactive presentations, excursions, discussion boards and group works in order to study important historical events, objects of cultural significance, films and works of literature, music, nature and traditions. The participants exchange their experience, analyze new information and emotions, and compare different cultures with each other. The people who have participated in at least 80% of the course will be given a diploma. The students can receive credit points. During the last three years almost 700 people with very different background have participated the course. The oldest participant who found her way to the museum thanks to the course is 96 years old.   The course is supported by  the Integration Foundation. The registration deadline is 11.01.2022More information and registration: https://www.erm.ee/en/content/course-estonian-culture-live-lives-estoni… Additional information: hariduskeskus@erm.ee

Last changed 05.01.2022