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Extra buses to run in Tartu during opening day celebrations for the European Capital of Culture

Tartu City Government Press Release

kleepsubuss. Photo: Evelin Lumi

24 January / During opening day celebrations for the Capital of Culture, 26 January, extra buses will be running in Tartu from 20:00 until 3:00, taking people to the City Centre and the Estonian National Museum. On 26 January, rides on Tartu city buses will be free of charge for everyone.

From 20:00 to 03:00, one extra bus will be running along the Estonian National Museum-Annelinn-Estonian National Museum route, and two extra buses will be running along the Estonian National Museum-Lõunakeskus-Estonian National Museum route. Buses on both routes will depart from the Estonian National Museum at 20:00 on a free-schedule basis and continue operating at approximately 30-minute intervals. At the Estonian National Museum, all buses will be departing from the Estonian National Museum’s internal car park (in front of the A-entrance).
Route 24A – Estonian National Museum-Lõunakeskus-Estonian National Museum will be served by two blue GoBus buses and route 24B (Estonian National Museum-Annelinn-Estonian National Museum) will be served by a white GoBus bus. The buses have digital information displays, on which the corresponding route numbers are shown.
In addition, from 22.00–03.00, special bus route 24C will be in operation, serviced by the sticker bus, travelling along the route Estonian National Museum-City Centre-Estonian National Museum. The bus will stop in the City Centre at the Raeplats stop (near the City Centre Park).

The opening celebrations will also be accompanied by several changes to traffic.
On 26 January, from 12–23, Vabaduse Avenue, between Uueturu Street and the Magistri Street car park, will be closed to cars. The Magistri Street car park will remain open and can be accessed by approaching from Freedom Bridge. During the closure of Vabaduse Avenue, the detour route will be Rahu sild (Peace Bridge) – Narva Hwy – Freedom Bridge and vice versa. Temporary taxi and tourist bus stops will be installed along Vabaduse Avenue (opposite the Magistri Street car park).
On 26 January, from 14–24, the upper car park of the Vanemuine Theatre will be closed. You can enter with the permission of SA Tartu 2024.
On 26 January, from 20.30–21.30, there will be an opening procession along the route Vabaduse Ave – Vabadussild (Freedom Bridge) – Vene traffic circle – Narva Hwy – Muuseumi Road. During the procession there will be short (10–15 min) traffic stoppages along the street sections of Vene traffic circle – Puiestee Street, and Puiestee Street –Muuseumi Road. The section of Narva Highway between Puiestee Street and Muuseumi Road will remain open in the direction of entry into the city.
Until 29 January, the Emajõgi embankment on the Vabaduse Avenue side will be closed to pedestrians along the section between the Turuhoone (Market Hall) and Kaarsild (Arch Bridge). The river-side footpath will be closed, while the park-side footpath will remain open. One side of the Arch Bridge will remain closed until the end of January.

For more information, call Tartu 2024 at +372 5411 2024.


Last changed 24.01.2024