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Ideas for Tartu’s participative budget will be introduced on Kaarsild Bridge

Tartu City Government Press Release

Kaasava eelarve näitus kaarsillal

15 September / The 25 ideas for this year’s participative budget will be on display at the Kaarsild Bridge exhibition, with residents of Tartu being able to vote for their favourites from 1–7 October 2021.

In addition to the Kaarsild exhibition, the ideas will be available online at (www.tartu.ee/en/participative-budgeting) and in the Town Hall Information Centre.

All those who are interested are invited to visit the Lodjakoda at 17.00 on 30 September, at which time the authors will introduce their ideas and answer questions about how their idea in particular will help make Tartu a better place. The event will also be broadcast live, and can be followed via the Tartu homepage and the City of Tartu’s Facebook page.

During a participative budget vote, each Tartu resident can vote for up to three ideas. The two ideas receiving the most votes will be implemented next year. Voting is open to anyone at least 14 years of age, whose residence, according to the population register, is the City of Tartu.

You can vote electronically from 1–7 October, either in the local government council/government information system Volis or the Town Hall Information Centre. Voting will end at 18.00 on 7 October, and the results will be announced immediately.

The following 25 ideas have been put up for a vote:

Idea No. 1. Renovation of the movement paths and basketball courts in Annelinn and Ihaste

Idea No. 2. Lively and child-friendly streets

Idea No. 3. Cleaning up the Emajõgi shore path and the construction of rest areas

Idea No. 4. Modernisation of the Emajõgi beach area

Idea No. 5. Making traffic lights smarter

Idea No. 6. Jaamamõisa football and basketball mini court

Idea No. 7. Bicycle service stations

Idea No. 8. Drinking water fountains in public places within Tartu

Idea No. 9. A strength training campus and basketball court for the Salme 1a stadium

Idea No. 10. Addition of an alpine skiing hill and a snowboard slope at Tartu Lumepark

Idea No. 11. Benches in every city district

Idea No. 12. Port railway as a cycle and pedestrian track green corridor

Idea No. 13. Sculpture Park at Raadi

Idea No. 14. Packaging containers

Idea No. 15. Tartu Organic Garden’s public food forest and organic market

Idea No. 16. Clean-up and landscaping of the area surrounding Tartu’s cycle and pedestrian tracks

Idea No. 17. We will make Tartu’s urban space more traffic-friendly

Idea No. 18. Let’s drown the bear in a sea of blossoms!

Idea No. 19. Creation of a leisure park on the territory of the Anne Youth Center

Idea No. 20. Making Veeriku’s cycle and pedestrian tracks more exercise friendly

Idea No. 21. Decent outdoor toilets for movement paths

Idea No. 22. Construction of an outdoor gym in Mathiesen Park

Idea No. 23. Ülejõe Park 2024 – pump-track in Ülejõe Park

Idea No. 24. Ülejõe Park 2024 – sunset terrace

Idea No. 25. Ülejõe Park 2024 – a recreational area in Ülejõe Park

More information about the content of the ideas is available here: https://www.tartu.ee/en/participative-budgeting

This year, 67 ideas were submitted for Tartu’s participative budget, of which, after expert meetings and summer public discussions, 25 ideas emerged, over which a referendum will be held.

An idea for the participative budget can be an investment object with a maximum cost of EUR 100,000. The goal is to implement at least two ideas in 2022 for EUR 200,000.

Tartu was the first local government in Estonia to organise a participative budget, doing so for the first time in 2013.

Last changed 15.09.2021