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Little residents of Tartu received a modern swing set playground


10 October / This week, the swing set playground built near the Sõpruse Avenue Roundabout was granted an authorisation for use.

In place of the previous playground and its depreciated metal structures there is now a modern swing set playground in Tartu, for the children of Annelinn to enjoy.

In addition to regular swings, spring swings, nest swings and a carousel, the new playground will also be home to swings which cannot be found anywhere else in Tartu – a two-child spring teeter totter and stand up carousels.

The playground is covered with an attractive blue-grey toned safety surface, with decorative rubber covered balls meant for sitting and climbing.

Bicycle storage has been installed along the edge of the playground, and the swinging benches have been restored.

The swing set playground was designed by AB Artes Terrae OÜ and built by Tommi Play OÜ

Last changed 10.10.2018