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Swing-set playground at Sõpruse Roundabout to receive facelift

Tartu City Government Press Release


20 June / At today’s session, the Tartu City Government decided to conclude a contract for services in the amount of EUR 34,997, with OÜ Tommi Play, for construction at the swing-set playground near the Sõpruse Roundabout.

Based on the project for the Sõpruse swing-set playground, prepared by the landscape architects at AB Artes Terrae OÜ, the current depreciated playground will be modernised and transformed into a contemporary swing-set park, for which the required rubber safe play area surface will also be built.

A number of different swings (nest swing, spring swings, swing frame with swings, etc.) will be installed at the playground, along with a carousel, balance boards, bicycle parking rack, information board, etc. The playground will be completed in September.

The playground is located in close proximity to the Sõpruse Roundabout and the apartment buildings at Sõpruse pst 21 and Pikk 100.


Last changed 20.06.2018