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More than ten new Smart Bike Share stations will be added to Tartu and nearby rural municipalities

Tartu City Government Press Release

Smart Bike Share Foto: Mana Kaasik

23 March / This spring, more than ten new bicycle stations will be added to Tartu and its surrounding rural municipalities.

The installation process will begin on Wednesday at the Ringtee, Tartu Maja and Ilmatsalu car parks. In the coming weeks, stations will be added at Pallas, Märja, Paju, Magaziini, Tervise, Jakobsoni, Sisustus E-kaubamaja, Kõrveküla, and Luunja. At the same time, the current Männimetsa virtual station will be rebuilt into a station with actual docks, and the Kaubabaas station, at the Vinkli-Ravila intersection, will be added virtually.
During the summer, five new stations will be added, and by the middle of the summer there will be a total of 92 stations in Tartu and its surrounding rural municipalities. 
As the weather warms up, electric bicycles will also be returned in stages. The first ones will return to circulation on 5 April.
Traffic rules must be observed when riding a Smart Bike Share bicycle and, if possible, a helmet must be worn. As with conventional bicycles, the Smart Bike Share bicycle must be ridden either on cycle tracks, on a road marked as a cycle and pedestrian track, or on a carriageway. The terms of use can be found at www.ratas.tartu.ee/user-agreement.
Information on the locations of Smart Bike Share stations can be found at https://gis.tartulv.ee/portal/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=a00c2e503adb41e4b6647f0fc21246c0. Information about the Smart Bike Share system is available on the website www.ratas.tartu.eehttps://www.ratas.tartu.ee/ and from the information telephone 1789.

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Last changed 05.04.2021