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The Tartu 2024 Song and Dance Celebration takes us to our roots and to the search for happiness

Tartu City Government Press Release

Laulupidu 150 Photo: Maris Savik

31 January / The song and dance celebration takes place from June 16 to 22 in the 2024 European Capital of Culture Tartu. The week-long celebration of eight unique events brings almost 2,400 Tartu County dancers onto the green and more than 10,000 singers under the song arch. Tickets come on sale in mid-February.

The song and dance celebrations have been merged together in Tartu for the first time to tell the story of finding true happiness from giving value and appreciation to our roots. Our party week looks beyond the individual to show us how important curiosity and an open mind are in a person so that we could work together as a strong community.

“The year of the capital of culture is a great opportunity to organise two of these important events in Tartu to create synergy. It is also a wonderful experience for the singers and dancers – to be able to come together and stay in Tartu for a little while longer, create new connections and celebrate as one,” said Sander Tamm, project manager for the song celebration.

Kristel Maruste, artistic director for the dance celebration “Juure juures” says that the dance celebration invites us to delve deeper into the conversations we have with our loved ones. “When we talk to our elders, we often just talk about their health, or our schoolwork. But what would we want to ask our grandmother at 5 or 35 years of age if we really took the time? It is important to know our roots and appreciate the life our ancestors led – that way, we can build bridges between generations and not forget about past experiences, but instead mix them with new and exciting ones. That is what “Juure juures” is about,” Maruste said.

The song celebration “Õnn ja rõõm” gives us the chance to interpret the meaning of joy and happiness. “At each stage of our lives, we feel these feelings in a slightly different way, and often, we forget to take note of them. Be it dancing, singing, or playing an instrument – the magic lies in creating something together. In rehearsals, on the green, under the arch. The moment when co-creation takes on wings, are unforgettable, and that is where happiness is,” said artistic director Küllike Joosing about the main idea behind the song celebration. She added that the Tartu song celebration was intended to remind us what joy and delight it is that we are able to come together and sing from the heart for ourselves, our loved ones and for our country.

Timeline for the Tartu 2024 Song and Dance Celebration week:

June 16: worship service “Su üle Jumal valvaku”
June 16: two performances of the dance celebration “Juure juures”
June 18: concert and dance party “Laia ilma peal”
June 19: choir concert “Rohkest õnnista”
June 19: night music concert “Sull’ truuiks surmani”
June 20 and 21: choral concert-performance “Mul kõige armsam”
June 22: procession and song celebration “Õnn ja rõõm” 

Tickets for the song and dance celebration performances come on sale in mid-February.

Additional information: project manager for the dance celebration Ave Rosenberg, +372 5667 6882; project manager for the song celebration Sander Tamm, +372 5855 6456 

Last changed 31.01.2024