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Tickets will go on sale for the 2024 Tartu Song and Dance Celebration on 13 February

Tartu City Government Press Release

Tartu Laulupidu Photo: Kristina Haan

11 February / This summer, the Song and Dance Celebration, with nearly 15,000 participants, will be taking place in Tartu. Tickets for the highlight of the summer will go on sale at 12.00 on Tuesday, 13 February, on the Piletilevi website and at sales points.

The Capital of Culture will be filled with singers, dancers and musicians from 16–22 June, to tell the shared story of how keeping and valuing your roots makes you truly happy. Dancers will be heading to the dance floor from across Tartu County, while singers and musicians will be arriving at the celebration from nearly every corner of Estonia.

‘Choirs from across Estonia have registered for our party, even Saaremaa and Hiiumaa are represented. We are very pleased that the city, where the Song Celebration was born, is attracting singers from further afield, thanks to which we will be able to hear the beautiful sound of hundreds of choirs under the Song Celebration Arch in Tartu,’ said Sander Tamm, project manager for the Song Celebration.

The Dance Celebration is open to all folk dance collectives in Tartu County. ‘At a local party, we can always cheer up the dancers because no one is left out. There will be preliminary dances, where we will review any questions that have arisen together and harmonise the dances, but there will be no evaluation,’ said Ave Rosenberg, project manager for the process.

Ticket sales will begin at 12.00 on 13 February, on Piletilevi’s website and at sales points for the Song Celebration, the two performances of the Dance Celebration, the choir concert "Rohkest Õnnista" and the choral concert-performance "Mul Kõige Armsam". Single tickets, family tickets and combo tickets are on sale. A combo ticket allows you to buy a cheaper ticket for both the Song and Dance Celebrationv at the same time. Learn more about the events and ticket information on the website tartulaulupidu.ee/.

Additional information: project manager for the dance celebration Ave Rosenberg, +372 5667 6882; project manager for the song celebration Sander Tamm, +372 5855 6456 

Last changed 11.02.2024