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Tartu 2024’s Film Programme Pays Tribute to Ukraine and its Breakthrough Years

"Ukraina. Läbimurdeaastad" pressiteade

Ukraina. Läbimurdeaastad.

29 January / In February, the story of a free and brave Ukraine that belongs to Europe is told in the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 through high-quality documentaries. Films about significant events and major issues in Ukraine’s contemporary history will be screened from 25.02 to 27.02 at the Estonian National Museum as film programme “Ukraine. Breakthrough Years”.

According to Kati Torp, the Artistic Director of Tartu 2024, with the special film programme the European Capital of Culture wishes to pay tribute to the people of Ukraine. Tartu 2024 also calls on Europe for continued cooperation to effectively support Ukraine.

“Ukrainians fight every day for both their freedom and the values of modern Europe,” emphasizes Torp, “I wish that the films about Ukrainian breakthroughs screened in Tartu inspire Europeans to find more and more new ways to support an independent Ukraine that belongs to modern Europe.”

“Ukraine. “Breakthrough Years” programme includes 11 films selected by documentary expert Filipp Kruusvall. According to the author of the programme, Ukraine’s brave resistance has found a lot of admiration. Still, it is by no means self-evident that its society has reached such a strong will to defend itself and democratic values.

“The film selection aims to delve into the turning points that have shaped Ukraine into such a freedom-loving country over the past decades and to outline the intellectual journey from independence to the present day. In the films screened in Tartu, we see how Ukrainians have made consistent steps and choices that have shaken off the corrupt, backward, and authoritarian past,” describes Kruusvall.

From the film programme you can learn, for example, how Ukraine achieved independence in 1991, how its civil society rose in the Orange Revolution, and how the country resists the Russian invaders. In the films, several myths created by the Soviet propaganda are refuted. For example, the investigative documentary “EuroDonbas” investigates the original European ties of the Donbas region that were later wiped out by the Soviets.

“Ukraine. “Breakthrough Years” film programme will be screened on 25-27 February in the Jakob Hurt Hall of the Estonian National Museum. Additional information about the program can be found at www.tartu2024.ee/ukraina.

“Ukraine. Breakthrough years” is part of the European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024’s Main Programme. MTÜ Tartu Filmiselts organizes the event in cooperation with the Estonian National Museum and the Tartu 2024 Foundation.

Last changed 29.01.2024