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Tartu awaits proposals for installing benches

Tartu City Government Press Release

Pingid Photo: Mana Kaasik

12 January / The Tartu City Government is waiting until 10 February for proposals from city residents on where to install new benches with backrests in the Tartu urban space. The new benches will be installed in the urban space in connection with the 2022 participative budgeting voting when the people of Tartu chose the idea ‘Istuge, palun!’ (‘Sit, please!’) as one of the winning ideas, in which voters wanted to see more seating opportunities in Tartu’s urban space.

Proposals can be submitted in the map application, a link to which can be found at www.tartu.ee/pink. In addition, the locations of the benches can also be offered by calling the city of Tartu’s helpline 1789, e-mailing [email protected], or in person at the Town Hall Information Centre.
According to Raimond Tamm, Deputy Mayor of Tartu, benches are very important in the urban space, as they allow both pedestrians to enjoy necessary moments of rest and simply pleasant gatherings. ‘The feedback from city residents on the possible locations of the new benches is of great value to us, which is why I invite bench enthusiasts in the city to offer their suggestions.’
According to Sirle Salmistu, who presented the idea of installing benches as part of the participative budget, various studies have shown that providing a supportive public space, including providing seating opportunities, improves the ability of people to cope independently. ‘Benches may simply be a convenience for some people, but they are essential for others. Also, the addition of benches supports the active movement of people and the ability to move around in general, while also increasing the amount of time spent outside and fostering a sense of community. All in all, the accessibility of urban spaces will improve, and, broadly speaking, this will have an impact on both physical and mental health. I think it’s important that people can have a say, helping to decide where these seats are needed the most. If the younger generation has no preferences, then they could help their elderly loved ones and acquaintances to express their opinions or think of themselves in a situation where one bench could be of great help,’ Salmistu added.
The exact number of benches will be determined during the public procurement, but it is expected that about 100 benches with backrests can be installed in the urban space with a participative budget of EUR 100,000.

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Last changed 13.02.2023