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Tartu City Council statement

Ukraina toetuseks

28 February / The Tartu City Council strongly condemns the Russian Federation’s military aggression against Ukraine.

On 24 February, as the people of the Republic of Estonia proudly celebrated the 104th anniversary of its independence, the military of the Russian Federation attacked the Republic of Ukraine, attempting to trample the right of the Ukrainian people to their own independent state. This attack was justified by the violent rhetoric coming from the Kremlin, which questions the right of independent states to exist and is an insult to any nation seeking freedom. We the residents of Tartu, who love peace and independence, and are proud of our own country, Estonia, also feel directly affected by such violence.

Respecting democracy and national sovereignty, we must stand by Ukraine and its people in this difficult hour. We have great respect for the high culture of Ukraine and the friendship between our two peoples. Our hearts ache for the suffering of innocent people that the large-scale invasion by Russian troops has caused and continues to cause. We had hoped that wars in Europe were only a distant memory, but we see that autocratic rulers do not act in the interests of their people, but only in their own narrow imperialist interests.

We condemn this inhumane activity and the trampling of international law by the Russian hierarchy! We call on the international community to stand together against Russian aggression, supporting the Ukrainian people in this unequal struggle. We will never recognise Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. We demand the immediate withdrawal of Russian forces from the territory of the Republic of Ukraine, as the previous composition of the Tartu City Council did in its statement of 16 October 2014, which stressed unconditional support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. We also call for the prosecution of the instigators of the war and other war criminals!

Citizens of Ukraine, who are living, working and studying in Tartu, can count on the support of the City of Tartu.

Additional information: Chairman of the City Council Tõnis Lukas, 503 3365

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