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Terms and conditions for using Tartu Smart Bike Share to become stricter

rattad Photo: Kiur Kaasik

24 July / Tartu updated the terms and conditions for use of Smart Bike Share.

The price list for violating the new terms and conditions will enter into force on 25 July.

According to Roman Meeksa, Head of the Tartu City Transport Unit, the new terms and conditions were necessary because several points required clarification, which could not have been foreseen during the preparation of the initial terms and conditions of use. ‘For example, we had to put it in writing that a Smart Bike Share bicycle may only be locked using the lock attached to the bike, not with a personal bike lock. We also failed to sufficiently take into consideration the resourcefulness of vandals during our initial preparation of the terms and conditions. The new terms and conditions of use include rules, as well as fines to be imposed for violations, that are specified in greater detail,’ said Meeksa.

Meeksa added that the new terms and conditions would not impact Smart Bike Share users who follow the rules, but did recommend that they also review the terms and conditions that are entering into force this week, just in case. The updated terms and conditions are, first and foremost, intended to prevent the careless use and vandalization of bicycles.

The update includes contractual penalties in the amount of EUR 100 for users whose user account data is incorrect or who have created more than one Smart Bike Share account. A contractual penalty also awaits those users who have not locked the bicycle properly, who have given the bicycle or their bus card to another person to use, have left the bicycle in a location where doing so is prohibited, have drained the bicycle's battery, transported another person on the bicycle, or who have misused the bicycle in another manner.

A specific pricelist has been prepared alongside the terms and conditions for use, indicating the cost of fixing one part or another on a damaged bicycle. The person responsible for the damage will have to pay this cost, in addition to the fine.

We continue to await the reporting of incidents in which bicycles are not used prudently to the Smart Bike Share user support telephone and e-mail. If possible, please note the bicycle number, the time and location, and take a photo of the vandals.

Tartu Smart Bike Share user support: telephone 5305-5000 (Mon–Fri from 7–20, and Sat–Sun from 11–19) and [email protected].

Helle Tolmoff

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Last changed 24.07.2019