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Voting on the participative budgeting set to take place from 1 to 7 October

Tartu City Government Press Release

Näitus Kaarsillal Foto: Ahto Sooaru

28 September / Voting on Tartu’s participative budgeting for this year will begin on 1 October and end on 7 October at 18.00. Residents of Tartu will be able to choose between 25 ideas submitted by fellow residents. Voting will take place online and at the Town Hall Information Centre.

At 17.00 on 29 September, everyone interested is invited to Lodjakoda, where the authors of the ideas will be introducing their ideas and answering questions about how their idea in particular will make Tartu a better place. The event will also be live streamed, with viewing possible on the City of Tartu’s homepage and Facebook channel.

At the referendum being held from 1 to 7 October, every resident of Tartu will be able to vote for up to three ideas. The two most popular ideas will be implemented next year.

Anyone who is 14 or older, and whose place of residence according to the population register is Tartu, is free to vote. Voting is possible electronically via VOLIS (System for Local Democracy Procedures) as well as in the Town Hall Information Centre. Voting will end at 18.00 on 7 October, with the results being announced immediately.

The following 25 ideas have been put up for a vote:

Idea No. 1. AHHAA Discovery Park
Idea No. 2. Annelinn’s sidewalks
Idea No. 3. Reviving the port railway
Idea No. 4. Emajõgi riverfront railings
Idea No. 5. A biologically diverse cultural courtyard for the entire Forselius and Ropka family
Idea No. 6. Complementing green areas with shrubs
Idea No. 7. Härma Sports and Adventure Park
Idea No. 8. Construction of the Ihaste Sports Park
Idea No. 9. Cameras for Tartu’s bridges
Idea No. 10. Karu Park for a European picnic park
Idea No. 11. Disc Golf park
Idea No. 12. Children’s adventure trail between the Emajõgi River and Anne Canal
Idea No. 13. Creating an area inviting movement in the yard of the Veeriku School
Idea No. 14. Pump track
Idea No. 15. Raadi green football park grandstand
Idea No. 16. Roofs for bicycle parking lots
Idea No. 17. More benches in the urban space
Idea No. 18. Fixing up the pond in Supilinn
Idea No. 19. Sustainable renovation house in Karlova
Idea No. 20. Development of Tartu’s visual living environment
Idea No. 21. Streets free of cigarette butts
Idea No. 22. Floating stage on the Emajõgi River
Idea No. 23. Leisure opportunities at the Anne Youth Centre
Idea No. 24. Water curtain for Kaarsild Bridge
Idea No. 25. Outdoor exercise machines for the older generation

More information about the content of the ideas is available here.

A total of 98 ideas were submitted for Tartu’s participative budgeting, with 25 ideas making their way through the meetings of experts and public discussions and now heading on to a referendum. A brief English language summary of the idea can be found here.

The goal of the participative budgeting is to improve cooperation between communities, introduce city residents to the principles behind budget preparation and to actually bring something to life. A participative budgeting idea may be an investment object with a maximum upper limit of EUR 100,000. The goal is to implement at least two ideas in 2021, at a cost of EUR 200,000.

More information: www.tartu.ee/en/participativebudgeting
Video: https://youtu.be/4nL7XW0dXV8
Facebook event

Last changed 07.10.2020