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Voting on the participatory budget set to take place from 5 to 11 October

Tartu City Government

Tartu Foto: Lilian Lukka

28 September / Voting on Tartu’s participatory budget for this year will begin on 5 October at 10.00 and end on 11 October at 18.00.


Residents of Tartu will be able to choose between 20 ideas submitted by fellow residents. Voting will take place online and at the Town Hall Information Centre.


At 17.00 on Tuesday, 3 October, anyone who is interested is invited to attend the question and answer session being held at the Inland Waterways Embassy, where the authors of ideas will provide introductions to their ideas and answer questions on how their idea, in particular, will make Tartu a better place.


The concept behind the participatory budget can reviewed online at www.tartu.ee/en/participativebudgeting, the Town Hall Information Centre, and information stands located along Poe Street (as of 29 September).


A brief English language summary of the idea can be found here: www.tartu.ee/en/participativebudgeting


A referendum will be taking place from 5 to 11 October, in which every resident of Tartu will be able to vote for as many as three ideas. In 2018, the two ideas that received the most votes will be implemented. Anyone who is 16 or older, and whose place of residence according to the population register is Tartu, is free to vote. Voting is possible electronically via Volis (System for Local Democracy Procedures) as well as in the Town Hall Information Centre. Voting will end at 18.00 on 11 October, with the results being announced immediately.


The process for this year’s participatory budget began with the collecting of ideas in April. A total of 56 ideas were received by the deadline, after which experts assessed the feasibility of the ideas and 26 ideas were allowed to continue in the process. During the series of discussions that took place in June, which included the authors of the ideas and experts, 20 ideas were selected for voting.


The goal of the participatory budget is to improve cooperation between communities, introduce city residents to the principles behind budget preparation, and to actually bring something to life. A participatory budget idea could be an investment object with a maximum cost of EUR 75,000. The goal is to implement at least two ideas in 2018 at a cost of EUR 150,000.

Last changed 01.10.2018