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Wellknown Swedish historian Gunnar Wetterberg will give a lecture in Tartu

30 October / Gunnar Wetterberg, wellknown Swedish historian and author, will give a lecture on 6 November, the Day of Gustavus Adolphus, on Axel Oxenstierna – the Greatest Swedish Statesman.

The lecture and seminar will be held in English at Tartu University Jakobi 2-114.

Gunnar Wetterberg has in his earlier career served as a representative of Sweden in UN, OECD, and EU bodies. After leading positions in the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and the Swedish Confederation of Professional Associations he decided to focus on writing, mainly history and economics, and giving lectures.

Gunnar Wetterberg has lectured on Swedish society and economy in several countries (the United States, France, the Netherlands, Russia, the Nordic countries), with special emphasis on welfare issues and the interaction between demography and economy.

Some years ago, he launched the idea of a united Nordic federation, and wrote a pamphlet on the subject commissioned by the Nordic Council. It was commented upon – perhaps with some curiosity – by The Economist.

Last changed 30.10.2018