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Winning ideas for the participatory budget have been revealed

Tartu City Government Press Release

Kaasava eelarve näitus Kaarsillal Photo: Ahto Sooaru

10 October / A total of 7312 Tartu residents took part in the participatory budget vote, which took place from 3–9 October 2019, casting a total of 15 510 votes. The most votes were received by idea No. 3 "Excellent bikeways" (1840 votes) and idea No. 20 "Tähtpere Garden at Tartu Catholic School" (1273 votes).

The number of voters has increased with each year, with this year proving to be a record setting year for Tartu’s participatory budget: a total of 9.3 per cent of all city residents (there are approx. 79,000 people in Tartu who are 14 or older) who are eligible to vote, took the time to vote. More than 606 Tartu residents voted at the Tartu Town Hall Information Centre.

By way of comparison: In 2018 there were 5291 voters (6.6 per cent of the total number of voters), who cast 10,318 votes.


Idea No. 3. Excellent bikeways (1840 votes)
Idea No. 20. Tähtpere Garden at Tartu Catholic School (1273 votes)
Idea No. 19. Rehabilitation of the Supilinn pond (1117 votes)
Idea No. 25. 1000 new trees and shrubs (964 votes)
Idea No. 14. The world’s largest photo gallery on end walls of houses in Annelinn (925 votes)
Idea No. 4. The Emajõe Vabaujula beach (825 votes)
Idea No. 5. An innovative sports ground for Härma School (814 votes)
Idea No. 9. Renovation of the Devil’s Bridge (787 votes)
Idea No. 12. Better-looking sales stands for flower sellers (773 votes)
Idea No. 11. An activity park in the courtyard of Kivilinna School (726 votes)
Idea No. 22. A sports ground on Uus Street (602 votes)
Idea No. 17. Benches in the urban space (558 votes)
Idea No. 18. A sauna at the Emajõgi Linnaujula beach (557 votes)
Idea No. 1. The Anneka Vabala leisure area (494 votes)
Idea No. 24. A recreation park in Ülejõe (418 votes)
Idea No. 8. Renovated guardrails – a more beautiful Tartu (382 votes)
Idea No. 15. Renovating Musumägi on Toomemägi (380 votes)
Idea No. 7. An activity area in central Ilmatsalu  (378 votes)
Idea No. 10. Replacing ‘mud tracks’ with convenient ways and a well-kept urban space (348 votes)
Idea No. 21. Raised intersections in Karlova (295 votes)
Idea No. 6. Completion of Ihaste Sports Park (287 votes)
Idea No. 13. A study centre for green construction and a reuse storage for old building elements on Aleksandri Street (277 votes)
Idea No. 2. Disc golf to every district of Tartu (271 votes)
Idea No. 16. Renovating the stairs on Mäe Street (171 votes)
Idea No. 23. A better view – 100+ mirrors (48 votes)

Each voter had the opportunity to choose between 25 ideas submitted by fellow city residents, and to cast up to 3 votes. In 2020 at least two of the ideas that received the most votes will be brought to life. The maximum upper limit for one idea is EUR 100,000. The total budget for Tartu’s participative budget is EUR 200,000.

A total of 78 ideas were submitted to the participatory budget process, which began in the spring, with 25 ideas making their way through the meetings of experts and summer public discussions.

The goal of the participatory budget is to improve cooperation between communities, introduce city residents to the principles behind budget preparation, and to actually bring something to life.

Further information on the participatory budget: www.tartu.ee/en/participativebudgeting

Last changed 10.10.2019