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Project SmartEnCity

Smart city district project SmartEnCity

SmartEnCity (smartencity.eu) is an international cooperation project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The project started in February 2016 and will last for more than five years. Its main activities will take place in the first few years, while the latter years are intended for the assessment and dissemination of results.


The project’s main objective is to implement a complete solution for a smart and economical urban environment to inspire citizens to make environmentally responsible decisions – one that could later be implemented in various other European regions. The project is based on the Smart Zero Carbon City concept, whereby a city’s ecological footprint and energy demand are minimised through the use of modern technology and its energy supply is based on renewable local energy sources managed via smart solutions.


The project’s activities in Tartu aim to use investments to create a quality living environment which inspires the community of the pilot area to make environmentally responsible decisions and change their behaviour patterns. A smart community utilising participatory democracy with innovative technological solutions will create new experiences that could be implemented elsewhere.


The main idea of the Tartu pilot project is to turn the city’s Khrushchyovka area (city centre area) into a so-called smartovka area. In addition to building reconstruction, this will entail innovative solutions in transport, street lighting and heating and cooling equipment as well as the creation of modern monitoring systems.




  • Creation of support measures for the partial co-funding of the renovation of the so-called Khrushchyovkas (apartment buildings made of silicate brick or large concrete blocks from 1950-1960) located in the pilot area of the city centre district. Classical renovation will also be complemented by smart solutions. Where possible, buildings will be fitted with solar panels for electrical energy production. Buildings for which this is not possible will be given a central hot water supply.

  • Creation of a data exchange platform. ICT solutions for buildings and lighting: smart energy consumption measurement, monitoring and control.

  • Creation of a district cooling service and directing the residual energy released from district cooling with the aid of a heat pump as heat into the district heating network.

  • Creation of public recharging points for electric vehicles.

  • Development of electric taxi services.

  • Creation of a bicycle rental system.

  • Utilisation of used electric car batteries for renewable energy storage and use.

  • Creation of a smart LED street light network in the pilot area.

  • Creation of a public transportation planning tool.

  • Development and implementation of a social innovation and community inclusion model.


Read more about the project at tarktartu.ee.


The project is funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and will be implemented according to contribution agreement No. 691883.


Additional information about the project:


Member of Tartu City Council

Raimond Tamm

[email protected]


Tartu City Government project manager

Jaanus Tamm

[email protected]


Last changed 07.12.2020