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Tartu to begin collecting ideas for its participative budget

Tartu City Government Press Release

Kaasav eelarve Foto: Ove Maidla

8 April / Starting on Monday, 12 April, the Tartu City Government will be awaiting ideas from citizens on how to use EUR 200,000 from the 2022 city budget. The maximum limit for one idea is EUR 100,000. Ideas may be submitted until 2 May.

Mayor Urmas Klaas is calling on Tartu residents to actively submit ideas. ‘The participative budget gives all residents of Tartu the opportunity to submit their own good ideas. I hope that there will be a lot of fresh ideas which, if implemented, would breathe new life into some areas or strengthen communication between communities’, the Mayor added.

The object of the participative budget must be an investment that is related to the City of Tartu, with a cost of up to EUR 100,000. An idea submitted to the participative budget must offer a benefit to the public, be in public use and must not lead to unreasonable costs for the city’s budget in the future. In 2022, at least two of the ideas that received the most votes in the referendum will be implemented.

Ideas can be submitted from 12 April through 2 May, at the address www.tartu.ee/kaasaveelarve.

After the ideas have been received, their feasibility will be assessed by experts in the field. This will be followed by public debates on the ideas, where it will be determined which ideas will be put to the final vote in October.

The authors of ideas are expected to take part throughout the entire participative budget process in presenting their ideas.

Tartu first began experimenting with participative budgeting in 2013 and will be organising it for the ninth year this year. To date, eleven ideas have been implemented with the support of the participative budget, three of which are currently underway this year.

Completed have been the procurement of presentation equipment for the Laia Street Cultural Quarter, the lowering of pavement curbs at crossings, safety railings along the banks of the Emajõgi River between Kaarsild Bridge and Võidu Bridge, preparation of the Arena Tartu draft project, reconstruction of the roof of the historic stable at Raadi, creation of the courtyard Pocket Park at the Widget Factory, construction of movement paths along the banks of the Emajõgi River and in the Tähtvere dendrological park, construction of a courtyard inspiring movement at the Mart Reiniku School, cleaning up the courtyard at the Tartu Kesklinn School, renovation of the Annelinn athletic field, and the construction of a cycle track on Soola Street. Set for completion this year are the fixing up of the Tartu Catholic Education Center’s courtyard, along with the construction of a grandstand at the Raadi green football park and an area inspiring movement next to the Veeriku School.

Last changed 08.04.2021