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Energy support

Conditions for compensation

In Tartu, it has been possible to electronically submit an application for energy support for several weeks, with it now being possible in regional centres and the service hall operating in the Tartu Department Store.

The service hall on the first floor of the Tartu Department Store (Riia 1) is open every working day from 10.00 to 18.00, and all regional centres of the Department of Social Welfare and Health Care (Anne 44, Puiestee 13a, Rahu 15, and Vaksali 14) are also accepting applications for support during the following opening hours: Mon 15-18, Tues 13-16, Wed 8-12, Thu 9-12, and Fri 9-12.

The process of electronically submitting applications began in the second half of December and can be done through the Tartu City Portal or via a completed e-form sent to the e-mail address energiatoetus@tartu.ee. By 10 January, more than 400 applications for support had been received from residents of Tartu.

Deputy Mayor of Tartu Mihkel Lees calls on city residents to submit their documents electronically, if possible. ‘It is definitely not meant for everyone, and in order for the submission of applications to go as smoothly as possible, the application can, as of today, also be completed with the help of an official in different areas of the city.’ Lees added that the potentially large number of applicants requires patience from the applicants and those completing the applications. ‘Of course, we will do everything in our power to ensure that people receive support as quickly as possible,’ Lees added.

In order to compensate for energy costs, the grant can be applied for retroactively, for a period of five months, i.e. in February 2022, support can be applied for invoices prepared on the basis of consumption in September, October, November, December and/or January 2021. The city government recommends that support applicants review and gather together their energy bills for the past four months.

The decision on the payment of the allowance will be made within 35 working days after the submission of all documents and the money will be transferred to the applicant within 7 working days after the decision has been made.

In the City of Tartu, only registered residents of the City of Tartu can apply for energy support.


Advice regarding the reimbursement of increased energy costs, and assistance with the preparation of an application, can be obtained from the city’s information telephone 1789 or via the e-mail address energiatoetus@tartu.ee.

Last changed 12.01.2022