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Emajõe City Swimming Pool selected as Tartu Deed of the Year

Tartu City Government Press Release

linnaujula Photo: Hendrik Kuusk

29 December / In the Tartu Deed of the Year 2022 competition held jointly by Tartu City Government and the newspaper Tartu Postimees, the residents of Tartu voted the renovation of the Emajõe City Swimming Pool to be the most important deed of the year.

At today’s recognition event, held in the Village of Light in Town Hall Square, Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas and Editor-in-Chief of Tartu Postimees Rannar Raba thanked the parties involved in the completion of the Emajõe City Swimming Pool as well as all others who were highly appreciated by Tartuvians in the Deed of the Year 2022 competition.

The Emajõe City Swimming Pool which was granted the title of Tartu Deed of the Year 2022 was opened on 1 June 2022. The beach area near the barge hall Lodjakoda was completely redesigned: new decorative wooden seating and sunbathing platforms were installed on the beach along with changing cabins and a large floating platform on the river. Children’s playground equipment, fitness equipment and a volleyball court were also added to the beach. In addition, accessibility was significantly improved: convenient access routes were created for both pedestrians and cyclists as well as for people with special needs. The city swimming pool was designed by Kino Maastikuarhitektid OÜ and constructed by Lars Laj Eesti OÜ.

According to Mayor Urmas Klaas, the residents of Tartu showed their feelings towards the new city swimming pool already in the summer as the beach area was filled with people the entire bathing season. ‘It was clear that everyone loved the redesigned beach area and the Deed of the Year competition further confirmed this fact. Next year we will start renovating the Emajõe public swimming area and it is our hope that it will become an equally popular summer recreation area,’ the Mayor added.

Tartuvians also considered the following deeds to be of importance in 2022:

  • St. Mary’s Church tower and bells
  • Annemõisa football hall
  • The new building of the Karlova School, on Salme Street
  • Port railway cycle and pedestrian track
  • The victory of the Tartu Bigbank volleyball club in the Estonian Champions League, the Aadu Luukas Cup, and the Baltic League
  • Estonian Cup victory by the Tartu Ülikool Maks & Moorits basketball team
  • Supporting Ukraine’s struggle for freedom and accepting war refugees
  • Modernisation of train station platforms
  • Movement inspiring yard at the Veeriku School
  • Lidl shops in Tartu

On the initiative of Tartu City Government and Tartu Postimees, the Tartu Deed of the Year was selected for the 25th time. Previous Tartu Deeds of the Year: https://www.tartu.ee/tartu-aasta-tegu


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