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Energetic family of chickens leaving their country life behind for the holidays and moving to Tartu


27 November / This year a Christmas chicken coop will be opened in Tartu’s Village of Light, with family of chickens from Kastre Rural Municipality moving to Town Hall Square.

The idea to erect a chicken coop in the heart of Tartu, for Christmas, came from an idea proposed by the small relatives of the organisers. ‘Big people and little people alike enjoy watching the bustling about of animals, and chickens are brave birds,’ said Maris Peebo, the main organiser of Christmas City Tartu 2019/2020 and Director of the Tiigi Seltsimaja. A deal was struck with Ivar Dubolazov, owner of Kasealuse Farm, who will be loaning his family of chickens to the city until the middle of January. ‘The City of Tartu will definitely take proper care of these chickens,’ said Dubolazov.

Travelling from the farm to the city for Christmas will be a beige silkie rooster, a silkie chicken, mini cochin bantam chickens, an Italian Leghorn and one nice chicken from no breed in particular. Even though the family of chickens has lived in the country, where names are of little importance, things will change when they move to the city. The organisers of the Village of Light are calling on everyone, big and small alike, to suggest names for the five chickens and the rooster who will be arriving in the city. The naming competition is open on the webpage https://joululinntartu.ee/valguskula-kanala.

The chicken coop at Town Hall Square will be built based on the tips provided by employees from the Estonian University of Life Sciences. The main requirement is that the chickens have adequate warmth and that the scratchers are able to maintain their daytime and night-time routines. Under such conditions the chickens will hopefully feel the desire to continue laying eggs. All eggs will be labelled ‘Laid in Christmas City Tartu’ and will be presented as a gift to the cooperation partners and helpers of Christmas City Tartu.

The city names for the family of chickens will be announced on 2 December, and the birds will move back home in January.

Tartu’s Village of Light will open on 1 December at 17.00, along with the lighting of the city’s Christmas lights and the first Advent candle.

Last changed 27.11.2019