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Village of Light’s residents arrived at Town Hall Square


6 December / An active family of chickens are the most colourful permanent residents at this year's Tartu Village of Light.

The birds having arrived at the Town Hall Square's Christmas Chicken Coop from Kastre Rural Municipality, in Tartu County. If they enjoy their temporary home, they will remain in the city until at least the New Year.

‘Big people and little people alike enjoy watching the bustling of the birds', said Maris Peebo, the main organiser of Christmas City Tartu 2019/2020 and Director of the Tiigi Seltsimaja, who struck a deal with Ivar Dubalazov, owner of Kasealuse Farm, to bring the family of chickens to the city. The owner of the chickens is certain that the city will take good care of his birds.

The chicken coop, which is located in one of the glass pavilions, was born from suggestions provided by employees from the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the representative from the Eesti Loomakaitse Selts.

Having travelled to the city for Christmas are a beige silkie rooster, a silkie hen, mini cochin bantam hens, an Italian Leghorn and one nice chicken of no particular breed. Even though the family of chickens has thus far lived in the country, where names are not given much importance, then people who were interested were able to offer their suggestions for names while the chickens are living in the city. The following were selected from the suggestions received: Hillar Valgusküla for the Rooster and Katariina Rosalie for the black silkie hen, Milvi and Silvi for the sister mini cochin bantam hens, Laine Rosenkampf-Jägerfreund for the spotted laying hen, and Giuseppina for the beautiful Italian Leghorn.

The birds will return home, at the latest, when the Village of Light ends. They will definitely not be spending New Year's Eve at Town Hall Square.

The Tartu Village of Light, which is comprised of nearly 20 bigger and smaller glass pavilions, will be open until 10 January. Highlights at the Christmas Village are the lighting of Advent candles on Sundays, the Santa Claus Winter Games on 8 December, and Wintry Folk Dance Day on 14 December.

The Village of Light and Tartu Christmas Season Programme can be viewed here: https://joululinntartu.ee/kogu-programm/

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