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The Self-Driving Culture Shuttle will run between the Estonian National Museum and the Tartu City Museum

Tartu City Government Press Release

Isejuhtiv buss Photo: Roomer Tarajev

13 June / Starting from 21 June, a self-driving shuttle, given the name Culture Shuttle in reference to the year of the European Capital of Culture, will begin running between the Tartu City Museum and the Estonian National Museum.

In the design of the European Capital of Culture, the Culture Shuttle will be traveling between the two popular museums for four months, i.e. until 31 October 2024, and will introduce one of the transport solutions of the future to the residents of Tartu and visitors to the city.
The project will pilot the technology that uses cameras and sensors installed on the city's infrastructure to provide real-time information to the shuttle about vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists approaching from different directions at complex intersections, to ensure smooth driving by the self-driving vehicle. The project will also test technologies that will be used to provide additional information to riders while driving and ensure a safe ride.
The pilot project will be implemented in cooperation between Yazaki Innovations, a subsidiary of the Japanese company Yazaki Group, which operates in the field of autonomous vehicles; US technology firm Avanti R&D; Auve Tech OÜ, developer of Estonian self-driving vehicles; and the City of Tartu.
Tetsuhiro Hattori, Director of Innovation at Yazaki Innovations, said that he is pleased to introduce and test the future technologies created for autonomous vehicles in Tartu. ‘We complemented Auve Tech’s self-driving vehicle with a variety of technological tools that monitor ambient traffic and interact with passengers. We want to offer passengers a pleasant driving experience that is smooth and safe, but also interesting.’
According to Roomer Tarajev,  Business Development Manager of the Tartu City Government, the City of Tartu offers an open and cooperative environment in which to test future technologies. ‘I hope that many visitors to and residents of the European Capital of Culture will find the opportunity to ride the self-driving Culture Shuttle, as this is a unique opportunity to actually try out one of the solutions of the future and discover the City of Tartu.’
The Culture Shuttle will run between the Estonian National Museum and the Tartu City Museum from 21 June through 31 October 2024, from Tuesday through Sunday (the shuttle does not run on Mondays) at the following times:
Departures from the Estonian National Museum stop: 11.00, 11.30, 12.00, 12.30, 13.00, 15.30,16.00,16.30,17.00.
Departures from the City Museum stop: 11.15, 11.45, 12.15, 12.45, 13.15, 15.45, 16.15, 16.45, 17.15.
The shuttle route mainly runs along Roosi Street. The ride on the Culture Shuttle is free of charge. The shuttle can accommodate seven passengers.
Take a closer look: https://tartu.ee/en/culture-bus
Additional information: Roomer Tarajev, Business Development Manager, Tartu City Government, tel: +37253 033 638


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