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Seven artists at the Tartu Art House

Tartu Kunstimaja pressiteade

Seitse kunstnikku Tartu Kunstimajas Photo: Tartu Kunstima

22 July / On Friday, 29 July at 6 p.m. Karin Strohm will open her solo exhibition “Too late to be modest” in the small gallery of Tartu Art House.

Karin Strohm’s exhibition consists of a series of paintings that represent visual mind games. Thought games, inspired by the relationship between nature and the Anthropocene. This is a glimpse into the circle of life. The artist adds: “Landscapes grown over by carnivorous plants inhabited by a mass of breeding rabbits. Rabbits as the symbols of the civilised world in a carnivorous jungle. Who’s eating who here? Regardless of the mobility of the breeders, the plants will get to us when we are under the soil sooner or later. In a competition which is exceedingly escalating and in an atmosphere full of pressure, the rabbits will continue breeding. This, in turn, produces humus and meat for the carnivores…” The symbolism used in the paintings – rabbits, carnivorous plants, overgrown landscapes – represents the artist’s vision of a modern psychological portrait. The title of the exhibition is borrowed from the a poem by the German post-war poet Günter Eich, which, according to the artist, also characterises our present times. The works of the exhibition have been completed during the last year. Karin Strohm (b 1986) has studied at the Tartu Art College and the Estonian Academy of Arts. Her previous solo exhibition in Tartu was last year in the Tampere House Gallery. The exhibition is supported by the Estonian Cultural Foundation. Thanks: Andreas Johandi The exhibition is open until 28 August. Additional information: Tanel Asmer Tartu Art House producer [email protected] 5562 1192

Last changed 22.07.2022