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Tartu City Council wants to preserve international air connection

City council

Lennuk Photo: Valeri Parhomenko

16 October / The council gave permission to the city government to organize a public procurement to find an airline for an international route.

Finnair has announced that it will stop flying from Tartu to Helsinki at the end of October. The council is of the opinion that a regular international air connection is of critical importance for the city, and therefore it is justified in defining flying from Tartu as a service of general economic interest. The city government was given permission to take all the necessary actions for this purpose and also to organise a public procurement to find an airline that will fulfil the public service obligation of an international airline.
The current situation shows that it is difficult to organise flights from Tartu under market conditions. Establishing a public service obligation for the airline gives the City of Tartu greater opportunities to support air connections. Helsinki, Riga and Stockholm are being considered as possible destinations, although Copenhagen and Warsaw have not been ruled out.

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Last changed 16.10.2022