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Tartu County is aiming to reduce waste generation and increase recycling

Tartu City Government Press Release

Ringakasutuspank Tartus, Jaama tänaval. Photo: Tartu linn

22 February / The Tartu City Government and the Association of Municipalities of Tartu County have jointly begun the creation of a Circular Economy Roadmap, which will lay the foundation for the implementation of a new economic model throughout the region.

The circular economy contrasts with the current economic model, which is based on the constant production of new things, their short-term life cycle and one-time use. The circular economy, however, contributes to the long life of materials and the subsequent reuse or recycling of materials. In this way, things that are produced can be continuously reused and the generation of waste and pollution reduced.

Deputy Mayor of Tartu Raimond Tamm said that promoting the circular economy is very important for Tartu, both from the point of view of the environment, green innovation, and business development. ‘We must, in cooperation with municipalities and companies, create a common system that starts with production and ends with recycling. It will mean changes in people’s consumption habits, in the production processes of undertakings and in the activities of waste managers, but will ultimately present undertakings with an excellent opportunity to develop their production and raise their level of competitiveness,’ Tamm said.

The objective of the Circular Economy Roadmap uniting the municipalities of Tartu County is to reduce waste generation and increase recycling in the region. Key areas will be co-creation and communities, renewable energy, a sustainable food system, agriculture and land use, industry, and service. It is important to encourage the emergence of new business models and businesses in the region and to keep the ecological footprint of production and consumption as small as possible. The Roadmap is a set of fundamental principles aimed at the public sector, entrepreneurs, educational institutions and, more broadly, all groups within society.

Today, 21 February 2024, the first joint seminar will be held with the participation of representatives from Tartu County’s municipalities and various interest groups, where an overview of the results of drawing up the first stage of the Roadmap and the current state of Tartu County’s circular economy will be given. Together with representatives from different sectors, the future directions of the circular economy will be established and the basis for sectoral objectives will be laid.

The creation of the Circular Economy Roadmap is a joint project between the Tartu City Government and the Association of Municipalities of Tartu County, which will be completed by 2024. By the beginning of the new decade, the intention is to have transformed Tartu into a leader in the circular economy in Southern Estonia and a good partner for other circular economy regions in Estonia and abroad.

The creation of the Roadmap is supported by the European Union through the projects 2ISECAP, CERITA, CURE+ and TREASoURcE.

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Last changed 22.02.2024