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Theatre actors to put themselves to the test in the world of opera once again on Tartu City Day

Tartu City Government Press Release

Symbiosis of Opera Foto: Eva Maria Tartu

18 June / This year’s Tartu City Day on 29 June will once more give the public the chance to experience an exciting symbiosis of opera and theatre as some of the leading lights from Estonia’s playhouses put on unique operatic performances. The day will culminate in a gala concert MCed by actor Andrus Vaarik.


The symbiosis, which has gained in renown and popularity as a mini-festival of opera and classical music, is taking place for the fourth consecutive year and will bring the artistic directors of four theatres into the world of opera on Tartu City Day: Ivar Põllu from Tartu New Theatre, Tiit Palu from the Vanemuine Theatre, Filipp Loss from the Russian Theatre and clowns Haide Männamäe and Toomas Tross a.k.a. Piip & Tuut from the theatre of the same name.


“As part of the symbiosis you’re given 45 minutes to showcase a world-famous opera using only two soloists and two actors,” explained Reigo Tamm, the artistic director of Tartu City Day. “There can be a pianist as well to accompany them, of course. The director chooses the actors for the performance from their own theatre. Last year’s performances turned out so well and drew such big audiences that we’d be doing everyone a disservice if we didn’t continue the tradition.”


This year will see eight actors and eight opera soloists performing for the first and last time Ivar Põllu’s The Flying Dutchman, Tiit Palu’s The Wedding of Figaro, Filipp Loss’ Ruslan and Ludmilla and Piip & Tuut’s Hansel and Gretel.


The performance by Tartu New Theatre is being staged by Ivar Põllu and will feature actors Mart Aas and Siim Angerpikk and soloists Karmen Puis and Tamar Nugis. The Vanemuine performance devised by Tiit Palu will star actors Maria Annus and Priit Strandberg and soloists Kadri Kõrvek and Raiko Raalik. The Russian Theatre’s Filipp Loss has selected actors Alexandr Domowoy and Dan Jeršov and soloists Elena Bražnik and Mehis Tiits for his performance. Piip & Tuut will be taking the bull by the horns in their children’s opera themselves, joined by soloists Tuuri Dede and Maris Liloson.


Each production will be staged twice during Tartu City Day. The full programme can be found online at https://tartulinnapaev.ee/2019/ooperisumbioosid/ (in estonian).


The special day will culminate at 21:00 on Town Hall Square with a gala concert, which will also mark the 10th anniversary of the University of Tartu Symphony Orchestra. Joining them on stage will be three outstanding instrumentalists: Sandra Vabarna (bagpipes), Heigo Rosin (marimba) and Maria Mutso (cello). Moreover, Pirjo Jonas, Maria Listra, Reigo Tamm, Rasmus Kull and Simo Breede will be performing world-famous duets and ensemble pieces from operas and operettas. The concert will be conducted by Taavi Kull and MCed by popular actor Andrus Vaarik.


A wide range of events will take place on Tartu City Day on 29 June as well as the day before. In addition to the opera symbiosis performances, the two days will include the public unveiling of the city’s new buses, a charity event in which thousands of balls will be rolled down Vanemuine Hill in cooperation with Tartu University Hospital Children’s Foundation and a sing-along screening of Grease at Elektriteater’s outdoor cinema.


Moreover, 29 June will be the opening day of the ‘Virtual Reality Tartu 1913’ experience, offering a unique opportunity to travel back in time to the Tartu of August 1913 using a VR headset. The city will be welcoming the ESTO 2019 programme that same day, while almost 70 of Tartu’s writers will be gathering for their now traditional book fair from 11:00-17:00 on Ülikooli Street in front of the Vanemuine Theatre on 28 June.


The full programme for Tartu City Day can be found online at www.tartulinnapaev.ee.


Tartu City Day’s major sponsors and supporters are Tartu Kaubamaja, Tartu Postimees, Ehitustrust AS, Ehitusfirma Rand & Tuulberg AS, AS Fortum Tartu, Kaubamaja, KIA Auto AS/Autospirit Tartu OÜ, Heino Eller Tartu Music School, Paar printing house, Eesti Leivatööstus OÜ, Café Shakespeare, the Vanemuine Theatre, the Vanemuine Concert Hall and Blossom Lillesalong.



For further information please contact:

Reigo Tamm

Artistic director

+372 5558 3254



Maris Peebo


+372 50 68 770


Last changed 18.06.2019