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This year’s Village of Light, in Tartu, aspires to be Estonia's most beautiful Christmas Village

Jõululinn Foto: Kiur Kaasik

21 November / This year’s Village of Light, in Tartu – which is preparing for its turn as a European Capital of Culture – is grander than all of its predecessors.

The village covers half of Town Hall Square, and exciting programmes and lighting solutions can be seen here until the middle of January.

This year the Christmas Village will have 19 pavilions, with the design – which took home the Annual Award from the Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union – being familiar to city residents from previous years. Moving into the Village this year, among others, are the University of Tartu, Science Centre AHHAA, and the Theatre Vanemuine, as well as a shadow pavilion and chicken coop.

This year, Tartu's Christmas Tree will be erected in the centre of the Square, which will help ensure that the tree has an impact on people moving on foot from the direction of the Town Hall, as well as people arriving from the direction of the river and passing by in cars and busses.

According to Maris Peebo, Director of Tiigi Seltsimaja, the space that is left between the glass pavilions, Küüni and Rüütli streets and the directions surrounding the Town Hall, will be transformed into improved walkways. 'The section of the Square by the river will function as an attractive sight to someone who is approaching on foot or passing by in a car: the Town Hall will be nicely silhouetted in the contours of the Christmas lights, and complemented by the light from the tree and the pavilions. Of course we want Tartu's Village of Light to be the most beautiful Christmas Village in Estonia this year,’ said Peebo.

This year’s Christmas Village is being completed in cooperation with Faculty of Design students from the Estonian Academy of Arts, with help provided by students from Design of Products and Environments, Spatial Design, Media Graphics and Fashion Design. They are being guided by EKA Design of Environments lecturer Raido Laasi. ‘For our part we are doing everything to makes sure that the Village is the cosiest meeting place in Tartu during the holiday period, where one can take a closer look at the various pavilions, enjoy a cup of coffee, or warm their hands by the bonfire,' said Laasi. Students are also helping with the final stages of construction.

NGO Valgusklubi (The Light Club), which is the organiser of the Tartu Architectural Lighting and Light Art Festival (TAVA), is providing assistance with lighting in the Village of Light. One of this year’s most exciting lighting solutions is the mirror green house, which is transformed into a shining spider web with the help of ultraviolet lights and mirrors and the special light installation that has been installed in the Village of Light for the solstice. The author of both installations is Elo Liiv.

Construction works will begin this week, with workers from AS Ehitustrust lending a helping hand. For the third year in a row, Glassolutions Baltiklaas and Palmako are serving as major design solution sponsors.

Tartu’s Village of Light will open on 1 December at 17.00, along with the lighting of the city’s Christmas lights and the first Advent candle.


Additional information:

Maris Peebo

Director of the Tiigi Seltsimaja

Main organiser of Christmas City Tartu 2019/2020




Last changed 02.12.2019