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A modern family of chickens with two roosters is moving into Tartu Town Hall Square to spend the holidays

Tartu City Government Press Release

kanad Foto: Uku Peterson

30 November / A beautiful six-member group of feathered friends will be spending the winter on Town Hall Square – from the First Sunday of Advent until the middle of January

Compared to last winter the family of chickens in the Village of Light has grown through the addition of one rooster.

Maris Peebo, organizer of Christmas City Tartu, said that this time two bosses, i.e. Madis and Päikesekiir, will be settling in with four chickens in the Village of Light, in Town Hall Square. ‘The flock, with two roosters, consists of the black first lady Pingviin, excellent egg layer Kuust, and Liisu, who has the look of an eagle. In addition, a chicken named Kukk will be arriving in the city to enjoy the fresh air and increase its circle of friends’, said Maris, as she introduced the family of chickens. ‘Rumours about the opportunity to spend the holidays on Tartu’s Town Hall Square began to spread quickly among Estonian henhouses last Christmas – the family of chickens for the coming winter, exceptionally communicative birds, are originally from Järva County, but have grown up close to Tartu’. This time, there is no need to organize a naming contest for the residents of the Christmas henhouse, because they already have their own personal 5-year-old godmother.

The henhouse, which will be built on Town Hall Square for the second winter, will once again be furnished according to the instructions provided by employees from the Estonian University of Life Sciences and the representative of the Estonian Society for the Protection of Animals. The owners of the birds themselves are also helping to build the home for the birds.

The idea to build a henhouse in the heart of Tartu for Christmas was born more than a year ago at the suggestion of small relatives of the organizers of Christmas City Tartu. The strong attachment of the hearts of Tartu’s residents to the first family of chickens and the inquiries regarding the return of the chickens confirmed that the holidays in Tartu could once again see the return of the chickens to the city centre.

The chickens and roosters will return to their homes no later than mid-January, when the Village of Light ends its activities. Due to the restrictions on gathering, an even calmer visit to the city awaits the new flock of chickens compared to last Christmas, and, as was the case last year, the birds will once again not be spending New Year’s Eve on Town Hall Square.

Additional information:
Maris Peebo
Christmas City Tartu 2020/2021 organizer


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