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Tartu to light its Christmas lights with Estonia’s biggest joint Christmas greeting

Tartu City Government Press Release

27 November / Christmastime will begin on Tartu Town Hall Square with a Christmas greeting and wave, when the first Advent candle will be lit.

The first Advent candle and the city’s Christmas lights will be lit during the course of the ceremony beginning at 17.00 on 2 December. By the time that the first candle is lit a village made of glass pavilions will once again have risen in the heart of the city, with the meeting place awaiting residents of Tartu and visitors to the city to spend the holidays outdoors until 10 January.

On Sunday, 2 December at 17.00, Tartu’s Christmas lights will be lit on Town Hall Square by Mayor Urmas Klaas and Ants Tooming, Pastor of the congregation at Tartu St Peter's Church and Provost for Tartu County. The ensemble Etnosfäär will help them light the first Advent candle. According to producer Jaanika Tammaru (Must Kast), a magical and mystical performance can be expected, one that will sooth the ear as well as the eye. The video artist for the ceremony is Kerttu Kruusla.

There are plans to perform Estonia’s largest joint Christmas greeting. Those gathering at Town Hall Square are asked to wear something white or bring along something white, and to be ready to wave once their Advent candle has been lit.

In addition to the glass pavilion, carousels, seating, a mailbox for letters to Santa Claus and cauldrons over live fires will once again be placed in the village of light, which is being built in the City Centre for the second winter. The design solution, which is in the running for the Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union’s Annual Award, nearly doubled in size during the summer. Several new houses have been added, which are awaiting visitors. The design solution will remain open on Town Hall Square until 10 January 2019. Tartu’s homepage and Facebook account offer an overview of the events taking place in the Glass Pavilions and the outside area between them and other Christmastime events in Tartu.

Advent candles will also be lit as usual in Tartu for the remaining Sundays in December. The International Santa Winter Games will be held on 9 December at 15.30, prior to the lighting of the second candle. The traditional Christmas bazaar in the City Centre will take place this year on 8 December, and the Wintry Tartu Folk Dance Day will take place on 15 December.

Major sponsors of Christmas City Tartu 2018 are Glassolutions Baltiklaas and Palmako AS.

Many thanks to the supporters and helpers from Pallas University of Applied Sciences and the Gardest Home and Garden Centre.

Additional information:
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Tiigi Clubhouse

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Last changed 28.12.2018